Pancake Bay

Circle Tour Part 7

Pancake Bay is one of those places out of a dream, a really good dream, one I don’t want to wake from. The beach is so calming and the water so still. Lake Superior was clear for us both days we were there and we could see all the way to the bottom. Every pebble and secret the water held was visible to us. I loved that we could wade out extremely far and we were still in shallow water. It was very cool, yet the perfect temperature of cool. Not lukewarm and not hypothermic. The dog absolutely loved it and after 2 days in the water his limbs were sprightly. He acted like a young pup again. It may be true what they say about Lake Superior having healing powers because it washed away the arthritic pain and allowed our dog to have an amazing time. It also healed me just to gaze upon the beauty of the bay.

Running along the beach in the morning was tranquil. The sand was deep in sections which led for a great workout and mild in others to the point where I felt like I was flying along the coast, as if I was an albatross. I did love the solitude of the morning run as no one was up as early as I was and the beach was deserted. I love this camping spot because the campsite section for the tents are pushed back into the woods and then everyone has their own private beach front. However, there are no tents on the beach so the atmosphere stays very natural and untouched. Walking into the lake after a run and cooling every sore muscle was an amazing experience. As I got back to camp, Chris had breakfast waiting, and then he went for his run. What a guy!!

He had a similar experience as I did and just loved the silence. His favorite part was the dip in the lake at the end of the run. He came back and decided we would go dip into as many of the Great Lakes on the way back that we could find. Along the way we hit Lake Huron and Lake Michigan so he was very happy. We made this decision as we sat on the beach looking into the bay. The topography really did look like a pancake and we were amazed at how large of a space this bay truly was. The sunrises and sunsets were the best on the trip as well. I think I will write another post about this place because there is a cute town nearby where we found some amazing cookies and have an interesting story attached to the place. I will write about it in Wednesday’s blog. For now, Happy Monday, and thank you for reading!!

-Karen Hilliard

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