Touring Canada

Circle Tour Part 8

The stay at the bay was the best part of our whole trip. We loved the remoteness of it and how tranquil it was. During our stay there, we traveled to a small town to try and pick up some souvenirs since we did not have the opportunity prior. This is where the interesting story happens. We ventured into a town called Batchawana Bay and our dog did not want to get out of the car. This dog had been living in the desert and hiking in some very high degrees of heat prior to the trip to Canada. The weather on that day was a nice 65 degrees when the dog was used to 100 to 120 on some days. Chris and I decided to leave him in the car with the windows half way down. He would not let anyone near the car so we were not worried about anything getting taken. We know the car can get 20 degrees hotter quickly during certain parts of the day but this was in the early morning, right when they opened, and we shop super fast. We also park in the shade every time.

We decided to go into The General Store which had a ton of amazing souvenirs where we got everything we needed. While we waited in line, a man rushed into the store stating that a dog was in a car gasping for air and he was going to break the windows if the owner did not come forward and relieve the dog. Well, Chris was obviously not happy about this man wanting to break our windows and I knew my dog was not gasping for air or he would have already broken our windows. I appreciate how much this person cared about animals but did not care for the way he expressed it in my face. Luckily, everything worked out and the store owner was very nice and realized the situation was escalating from the man’s point of view.

The shop owner told us to bring our dog inside the store. We brought him in and I was shaking with adrenaline because I was unhappy with the way the man followed me out to my car and I had to calm myself down. Anytime I was upset, my dog was super protective of me. Although our dog did not want to leave his bed and water dish behind, he ended up coming with me into the store. He had fun and tried to swipe a squirrel tail hat off the shelf and that was challenging. He found everything on the low shelves quite fascinating. We ended up finding some amazing Maple cookies and went back the next day for more before we left Canada. We drove back to Pancake Bay, sat on the beach, and relaxed. I just want to let you all know that my dog was my best mate, and I think of him everyday to this day. I would never have left him in a poor situation, or a hot car. He was my world!! (IMPORTANT NOTE: Cars are always 40-50 degrees hotter than the outside temperature on warm days.) This being noted…Please be kind to animals, please try to be open minded to others, and please try to be calm in challenging situations! Have a great Wednesday!

Thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard