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• Original Watercolor Paintings •

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• Original Watercolor Paintings •

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• Original Watercolor Paintings •


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Thanks so much to the incredibly talented Karen Hilliard for the beautiful watercolor paintings. Karen has a real knack for capturing the personalty of all creatures on our farm (both human and animal). It’s unbelievable what she is able to do with watercolor. So much detail and texture in every piece. Not only is her artwork beautiful, but it is a great marketing tool for our farm business. Can’t wait to see what else Karen creates!

– Brigid W.

Karen’s art is vibrant and detailed. A modern version of watercolor impressionism that jumps off the canvas. I grew up in the Mojave desert and these paintings make me feel like I’m right back there. Her art catalogue spans all different landscapes and captures the beauty of nature, while adding nuance and alternative perspective. I’m also blown away by the fact that the piece I requested had been sold and she made me a new custom version if it!! Artists like this are rare.

– Nick S.

The cards are amazing. I love the actual sturdiness of the card and the paintings turned out amazing. Thank you for the farm postcard. Thank you very much. My daughter said wow those are really pretty! Loved the cute yarn ties as well. Super great touch!

– Cathy R.

Hilliard’s work is striking. Close cropped, negative space, vivid.

When she submitted her work to the gallery she pointed me towards her nature pieces, which I like very much. However, once I saw this piece (Gentle Breeze) I knew I had to add it to the gallery. Full-framed, top-to-bottom, every inch. The mosaic-esque, bokeh-looking background is signature. Then, the hair!

– Colin D. from The Watercolor Gallery


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