Let Your Light Shine – Original


Let Your Light Shine • 15×20 Original Watercolor Portrait by Karen Hilliard

This was painted from 4 different photographs. The reference person is a dear friend who shines her light on others. She is wonderfully kind to everyone she knows and will put a smile on anyone’s face who is around her.

The bees and sunflowers are references from our garden in Nevada. I placed a bee in her hair showing it’s attraction to a glass bead she wears in her dreadlocks. The image of the person is looking down at the bee in pure delight. The Sunflower near her head is meant to represent the sun and is painted lighter and more faded than the bottom flower. I wanted to show the white light and brightness of the sun as well as the subject’s character.

Let Your Light Shine was accepted into the Nevada Watercolor Society 2022 Spring Show!

Let Your Light Shine won Honorable Mention in the NVWS 2022 Spring Show!



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