Morning Runs, Mosquitos, and Beautiful Places

Circle Tour Part 6

Pukaskwa National Park was beautiful!! The beach was gorgeous, the campsites were amazing, and there was a very nice gentleman working at the kiosk station. We decided not to stay the night at the campsite but highly recommend this place if you are ever traveling through Ontario, Canada. We ventured onward to White Lake where we enjoyed morning runs, and a lovely campsite. There was a bit of a mosquito problem here so be prepared for that. I use a mosquito bar repellent that I just rub on instead of using sprays. I can link it if anyone is interested, please ask in the comments. Chris and I played cards the entire evening and he beat me most of the time which is impressive since I usually win.

From White Lake campsite we ended up driving to White River. I find it interesting how close the names are. We wanted to see the Winnie the Pooh museum since my sister loves him and I wanted to get her something from there. It is a pretty small spot in White River but worth it if you like Winnie the Pooh. The backstory is very interesting about the bear. They had wonderful gifts for Christmas presents at the visitors center. We also were able to grab some breakfast sandwiches at A&W which were delicious! This may have been because we had not eaten a breakfast meal since Tim Hortons and we had been running every morning. Oftentimes food tastes the best I have ever had when I have waited a while. 

We traveled further on to Rabbit Blanket Park. We filled our waters here and went up the road to Agawa to camp for the night. The night hike we went on was Awa Petroglyphs. This was a beautiful place to see and we recommend it! The trail had Maple and Birch trees along with a green mossy floor. The canopy of course was lovely, and you all know how much we love looking up! Agawa Bay is beautiful. We ran, stretched, refilled the waters again, and packed the car to leave. We ate strawberries that we were able to pick from a local farm and this was a delicious breakfast. The bay is located in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The Visitors Center was very cool and interesting. The beach is also dog friendly and ours loved playing in the water then running in the sand. We decided to get back in the car and head out of the park and on to Pancake Bay. Stay tuned…

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

-Karen Hilliard

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