Finding Time

Time may be a construct in our everyday lives that we create and intertwine to needs, demands, and wants. However, making time for what matters to us has to be the most important. I find it difficult to find time to draw or paint and my ideas run rampant in my head slowly driving me mad. Not really insane per se, but constantly whispering…”draw me, paint me, or I will slip away and you won’t remember me.” So here I sit, in the dark, on a Wednesday morning…sketching and barely being able to see what I am doing. Why is the light not on you ask? My daughter slumbers next to me with her sweet innocence and I choose not to disturb her. Yet, I find time for myself to draw and that is an amazing feeling. I am so thankful and grateful everyday to be a mother and have this passion for creation inside me as well. Ideas may come and go, or often slip away, but I will always try to sketch some of them before the fleeting moments happen.

Work in Progress…

This flower cactus series has consumed my mind in all the good ways. My brain is active like the pollinators bringing ideas to every stem of my neurons and my fingers want to dance them out onto the pages of my sketchbooks.  So again, here is sit, in the dark, feeling alive and excited with every stroke. Also, it is nice to see how they turn out in the daylight when she wakes. I do consider my eyes often and make sure to take breaks or stop if any strain is happening. The blogs get written during the wee hours as well and I have computer glasses for that since my screen is set on dim. Once in a while, I point the tiny light at the sketch to see if it is coming out decent. Here are the Cactus blooms I have been creating. I hope you are enjoying this series. Spring is a magical time of year with so many possibilities!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you for reading.

-Karen Hilliard

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Beautiful flower paintings. And love the idea of getting to reflect on what you created in the dark when it’s light again

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