Binge Watching

Everything in moderation. Finding a show one really likes, connects with, or finds understanding in is what reels humans in. We are not solitary creatures. From the dawn of time, we have packed up in herds to keep safe from predators, therefore creating bonds with other humans. I think this is why we can connect with television shows and the characters we are presented with. Personally, I choose a show based on how I am feeling in the moment and then it captivates me from there. As much as I love being outside to recharge, I also love a hood emotional show. This helps me hit the reset button when I feel fried and taps me back into deep feelings. This seems odd to me at the same time since television is not real and characters in these shows are just acting for their paychecks. Really good actors however, connect with their characters and can draw us in. So here is one of my ways to unwind, do you have any?

After watching a show I go through many emotions. “Why did I just waste so much of my time when I have so much to create and get done?” I always answer myself that it wasn’t a waste of time. Books, movies, television, music, etc. are all created by other artists and it is vital to my creative process to immerse myself in other art forms. Painting or drawing while watching the show or movie is preferable. Sometimes though, I need to turn off my own creative process and just let go. Museums and watching other painters on social media is fascinating to me as well. TED talks and  documentaries also get the creative juices flowing. There is so much more, but I was trying to stick with binge watching for this post. Does staying on social media and scrolling through videos count for this as well? This is something I wonder about. Also, I always remember to take the dog for a walk, he may cuddle up and chill, but I believe he loves going outside more. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard

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