Cactus Blooms

The desert comes alive in the Spring as we head into the summer months. The pollinators are out in force working hard to collect what they need to survive. Bees are amazing to watch as they work, dive, swim, and play in the pollen of cactus flowers. We are fortunate to have beavertail cactus which produce prickling pears. The flowers that bloom have these beautiful yellow, orange, and green magnificent colors. The center looks like a green button almost. I love sketching them and changing the colors around to see where the art takes me. As I watch the bees work, my mind drifts into a world of whimsy. I end up using all the colors on my watercolor palette to express the emotions I feel from these lovely treasures we find in the desert. 

Cactus Bloom 1 | Karen Hilliard Art | Original Watercolor and Ink | Tiny Painting | 4x4

Another interesting fact about these flowers is that the petals appear soft, but are protected by a harsh stiffness underneath from the cactus needles. Nature amazes me and how adaptation takes place to help plants survive. Did you know there is only one type of prickly pear flowering cactus plant in the Gal√°pagos Islands because bees only pollinated one over and over. They let the other flowers die out because they preferred the nectar of the yellow flowers. Just Fascinating! We saw this on a documentary on Netflix once upon a time. The Islands are definitely on our list to go and visit. Have any of you been there, or long to go there? Where else have you traveled and seen desert wildlife or flora? I have really been enjoying the comments on my blogs and love getting tips of where to travel to next!

Thank you for reading and have a Marvelous Monday!!

-Karen Hilliard

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