Daylight Savings Time

 The start of earlier days means the possibility of waking up and going hiking and catching the sunrise. Driving to hiking spots in the dark is pretty awesome for my family because the dog can sleep, the baby can sleep and the husband and I can just talk and drive. When we look out the window we are blanketed beneath the stars and encompassed by the earth. We love getting to the trail super early, especially on what we think is going to be an overcast day or cloudy day, because the sunrises are even more breathtaking here in the southwest. Now, all of this being said, keep in mind we leave at 4 AM, which for most people is not the morning. We like to get to trails super early just to see the sun crest over the mountains. We also love living in the central location to where the state and national parks are super close to us. We’re very fortunate to live where we do, it is an outdoors man and woman’s dream. I also feel blessed knowing we will be happy anywhere we live since happiness is a state of being.

Do any of you have a favorite time of day to go on your adventures? Is there a special place in the world you love visiting? My large family’s special place has been Disneyland for a very long time where as my little family and I prefer the outdoors. Everyone has their own way and I love how different we all are. Nature awakens all my senses which I am sure you already know from previous blogs or following my work. My goal is to bring the beauty and magic of the outdoors into your homes. I think it is because I am a huge Disney fan for the artwork and storyline that I see whimsy everywhere. The magic I experienced as a young child has been carried over into how I see all aspects of this world. The most magical time for my imagination is in the early hours of the morning, when everyone seems to be sleeping. This is when my creations run wild. The sun rising to welcome a new day also opens my mind. Therefore, I love longer days and more time to create!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Tuesday! I wrote this blog last week and forgot to post it. Since motherhood, days and dates are a blur! Can anyone else relate?

-Karen Hilliard

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I agree!! Being outdoors feels great for the soul and there are so many great places to choose from in the Southwest! Panguitch Lake, Utah is one of my absolute favorites and I loved waking up to take photos of the sunrise while everyone was still sleeping. During summer, I also love taking advantage of the opportunity to visi some of the more popular mountain towns in the middle of the week as opposed to weekends. Sometimes it would feel like we had the whole mountain to ourselves.

Thank you for your comment and these awesome suggestions! We love going to places super early for the seclusion and weekdays sound lovely! We have not been to Panguitch Lake yet, exciting!!

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