Detailed Works

There were 12 paintings that I had printed in Colorado and thought they were lost forever. I am pleased to have retrieved all these works of art. My printer here in Las Vegas was able to help me make new prints of these older paintings and I could not be happier. Gentle Breeze is one of my favorite paintings. The person portrayed in the portrait is very kind, and gentle. The breeze blowing the day of this photo was frigid so she needed to cover her face with my sarong due to the chill. This was titled “Gentle Breeze,” because of her spirit and the light wind blowing hair around her face.

Another painting saved was “Arch Rock” from Valley of Fire in Nevada. The morning light hit the top of this rock and the color appeared washed out atop the arch. The color underneath was shadowed with a beautiful orange almost like a sunset. I love the lines in this piece and the whimsical clouds placed through the arch. The original has been sold and there are prints available in four different sizes on the website for everyone’s enjoyment.

Arch Rock | Original Watercolor | Karen Hilliard Art | Nature
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The third painting I have put on the website today is “My Mother’s Robin,” from 2009. This is also a painting inspired by Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. Mouse’s Tank Trails is filled with gorgeous sandstone sculpted rocks and the valley is filled with sandy paths. Walking along these structures, I noticed one rock in the shape of a bird’s head. Some people have seen it as a chicken or a sparrow. I saw a robin which immediately made me think of my mother. When I was little, her and I would watch the birds land in our front yard from the window. She loved to look at the robins and this is titled after her. There are also prints of this painting on the website in four different sizes. 

My Mother's Robin | Original Watercolor | Karen Hilliard Art | Watercolor Nature

I hope you enjoy these paintings on the website and in your homes! If you have any questions or would like to send me your thoughts, feel free to contact me via email. The contact page on my website is also linked to my email. Have a great day!

-Karen Hilliard