Pig Painting Prints

“Fun in the Mud” is one of my favorite pig portraits I have done. She was curious and energetic. I love the composition and the background. This pig loved rolling around in the mud and I tried to show this through the balls of light and brown splashes around and behind her. Yellow was chosen to represent the sunlit mornings when I would go out to visit with her. She always had this cheerful expression and her face was filled with wonder. I wanted to make prints of this painting so I could share her with the world. I also chose her to be part of my farm sticker series and hope to be traveling and see her face on someone’s water bottle someday! She is now available in 8×10 as well as 5×7 sizes for print options. The paper quality is a thick watercolor paper that I love and does my work justice.

The natural color of the paper brings out the details of the originals. Love in the Rolls and Sunset Muddin’ are both paintings of the previous pig’s brother. These two loved spending time together and rough housing. At the end of the day, they loved to snuggle up with one another to keep warm through the evenings. I chose the same balls of light for his background as his sisters to show the mud, as well as the sunlight that warmed them both daily. I tried to capture the sweet and soft expression of his eyes in “Love in the Rolls,” and his whimsical behavior in “Sunset Muddin’.” Anytime we got the hose, his face would light up and contort with excitement. He knew he was going to get to roll around in the mud! He is available in 8×10 print sizes and 5×7’s of him are coming soon! We are still working on the stickers!

One of my favorite prints and stickers is “Piggy in Pink.” This pig is actually a boy! The light pink of his fur gave me the idea for the background and the whole painting took off from there. His nose is my favorite because of the light subtly shining on it. This was painted around the same time as the other three so the background is similar. I was very inspired by floating while balls to represent the sun. He is available in a 12” x 12” Gallery Wrapped Canvas. I love these prints because they are on 1 and a half inch stretcher bars and the paint goes around to the back. Each print comes ready to hang with a sturdy wire. They take 2 weeks to make. Great care and detail are put into each wrapped canvas. They were printed on Glossy Canvas and now will be printed on Matte Canvas. I have two glossy left and am excited for them to go to their new home!

I hope my prints bring others joy in their homes, or as gifts for their loved ones. Each print has the highest quality of materials to last a very long time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or the contact page on the website! Have a great weekend!

-Karen Hilliard