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As we waited behind the smart girl who wore her rucksack we just kept thinking, why didn’t we think of that. We talked about making sure to remember this next time and possibly never taking Spirit Airlines ever again due to so many added fees we were not expecting. They tack on a lot of these after we purchased our tickets. FYI good information to have. What airline do any of you use? I know they are all having issues currently but it would be awesome to share for a hopeful journey next time. As for this vacation, honeymoon, break, we took Spirit and it left us safe and alive so we have no complaints. Issues with travel come down to one thing, it is really all in how you look at the situation. We always find humor and a story while we wait and enjoy the time together no matter what. Just writing the information for any of you who may need to know it or find it helpful.

The flight to Peru was beautiful. My favorite part of flying is taking off and rising above the clouds. You know, that moment, when the plane is settled on the clouds…I feel like I am on top of the world. It looks like a vast snowy mountain range of soft fluffy wonder. The sunset view from the plane windows is also amazing! Chris loves the take off and the landing, he likes the rush. He had fallen asleep after the take off and I had a nice chat with another gentleman who was traveling to hike the Inca Trail. He bought one of the fancy packages to sleep in tents and have someone carry your pack for you the whole way. Chris and I went with a local company and hiked with our packs and tent, then were pleasantly surprised when our guide told us it was his last tour and treated us to an amazing experience. More on this later…back to the flights.

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After a very long flight in comfortable seats, we had to catch another small plane to Cusco. This plane was freezing…I could stop here…but I will get into it. I thought it was so cold because I was so tired. Then Chris, who can walk barefoot in the snow, told me he was freezing and needed a blanket, I knew it was a different situation. We both wondered about the cabin pressure and if the windows would hold up. They did and we got there totally safe with no problems. The pilot did an amazingly smooth landing too and it was one of the best landings I ever experienced. We were super happy to get off the icebox though. Cusco was waiting for us and you too. I am excited to tell you all about it next week!

Thank you for reading and have a fun and safe weekend!

-Karen Hilliard

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