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Something amazing happened the night we were in Ohio watching fireflies! We were sitting on the grassy knoll and looked down to find it glowing. Tiny little glow worms in the grass!! They were the firefly larvae. We had no idea it glowed as well. The whole experience on their farm was an overall interesting and fun time. We were sad to leave but needed to venture onward down south to the land of Machu Picchu. A Journey was awaiting us for sure. The car ride back to Chicago was filled with wonderful conversation and stimulating stories. So much happened on the farm in just such a short week it was nice to recap. My favorite was when the goose decided to take a walk with us all around the acreage and got tired, then he let me carry him the rest of the way. He was a cute little guy. Traveling back to Illinois took a while and we did not turn the radio on once. So nice to have such wonderful friends.

While back in Chicago we stopped for dinner and ice cream near the train tracks and it was quite delicious. We walked around our friend’s hometown along a beautiful path of trees. The weather was perfect even in the summertime. We absolutely loved our time there. After checking our flight and tickets that night, we were ready to hit the road in the morning for our flight to Florida. We took Spirit Airlines and thought we could only carry on a bag and check the packs which was an additional fee. Then, in Florida, when we went to get on the flight to Peru…a girl got on wearing her backpack…the same size as ours. Something to keep in mind while dealing with airlines. A little tip or trick we picked up that day. Our flight to Peru was delayed so we ate some good food in one of the airport restaurants then took a nap.

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Sleeping on the floor in the Florida Airport was comfortable on all our bags but may not have been the best idea. The whole wing of this airport section smelled like mildew and we wondered if it was residual aftermath from the Tropical Storms or Hurricanes they have there. We picked everything up and went to wait somewhere that smelled better and then got nervous because we did not want to miss our flight so we went back to the smell. The wonderful, glorious, smell. We waited in this section for a few hours and it was totally worth it so we stayed up to date on the flights. Have any of you had weird airport experiences? Gotten vouchers to take later flights? Bags lost then found? Any story would be fun to read in the comments below! I will write more about the flight to South America next as we took two to get to Cusco! Stay Tuned for more…

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday!

-Karen Hilliard

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