Aguas Calientes…The Ice Shower

At the base of Machu Picchu, high in the mountains of Peru, there is a city named for it’s hot waters. The river flows through this beautiful place and hot springs abound. This being said, let me explain about the ice shower experience we all had. When Papi gave us the room assignments he gifted everyone rooms with two people a room. We got a place all to ourselves the whole trip because he called us the honeymooners. He was a super sweet and informative guide on his last tour, for those of you new to my blogs. You can read more about him in previous blogs such as, “Delicious Fruit,” “The Inca Trail Begins,” or “Biking Down the Andes.” He is in all of my previous Peru blogs. Back to the showers that will send chills down your spine. 

Chris and I arrived exhausted with tired everything!! All of our limbs ached and when we met Papi he mentioned dinner in an hour. We got the keys to our room and I immediately sat on the floor to stretch. I wanted to take the first shower since all the other places Chris had, because I always needed to stretch first, and when he did, the water was warm for him and cold for me. This time everything was different. He came out of the shower, not long, and I asked how the water was. He said, “my nipples are so hard they can cut glass!” I was not looking forward to my shower, let me tell you…and it was as if ice was coming out of a machine and freezing every part of my body. My hair even felt crispy like it had a frost…no, it didn’t…but in my imagination…it did. We just thought maybe the hotel was older and the pipes had cold water? We were unsure. Our room was in a different wing than the others so we finished up and got dressed, then headed to the hotel lobby to meet up with everyone.

As we sat down, three more travelers were shaking their heads. One person from our group asked us, “did you have hot water?” We replied no and they said, “man, did you feel that water? It was like ice!!” Yes sir, we felt it, and it was! Other people from other groups were all talking about it as well. I asked Chris if I should title this one, “The Ice Shower,” I should type it in under “Aguas Calientes.” Anyways, we all headed to dinner and walked the lovely streets of the city. Colors surrounded us with the rainbow flag. Aguas Calientes is in the Cusco Region and the flag represents the Inca culture and the pride of the people of Cusco. Along with the rainbows and colorful shops, we spied many weary travelers. All of us were chuckling in our heads that they would soon be more awake after taking a shower!!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday! On Friday we head to Machu Picchu…stay tuned! 

Here are the paintings in this Inca Trail Series so far…Number 1 is from Blog, “Trekking to Santa Teresa”. Number 2, is a work in progress. Number 3 is from Blog “Delicious Fruit.” Number 4 is from Blog “Hot Springs.”

-Karen Hilliard

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