Delicious Fruit

Trekking to Santa Teresa Part 2

We set out to finish the trek to Santa Teresa with our bellies full, bodies strengthened, and minds rejuvenated. What goes up must come down is a fun saying and an even truer statement for this hiking experience. After walking up almost the whole way from the hostel to the little store, then onward to the restaurant, we now were going down towards the river. We walked along the river’s path hunting for wild orchids and butterflies. Chris and I saw a beautiful blue butterfly and followed it while keeping up with the other humans in our group. We constantly have fun and jump in and out of our imaginations. This kept the whole trip on the trail quite stimulating and exciting.

Nearing the end of the trail to the river, we came to an abrupt stop. This is where Papi told us what we would be doing next. There was a bridge going over the entire river that we had to cross. It was modern and very wide so we were not nervous but we did have to walk more staggered and less altogether to keep the weight even while walking across. At the end of the bridge there was a nice older woman selling fruit. Chris and I bought some and they were quite refreshing. The peel looked like an orange but when we opened it up they had seeds like a passion fruit and tasted like a cross between both. Sweet and citrus flavoring touched our tongues and continued down our throats nourishing us with hydration.

These were a wonderful treat to sustain us for the hike ahead. We had a ways to go before we could cross the river on a pulley system. We decided to savor the moment and enjoy the delicious fruit as we looked around at marvelous beauty. The rocks along the river were breathtaking. I am always fascinated that a river can rage and run so rapidly yet the foliage near it can be calm and wispy blowing lightly in the wind. I look forward to sharing the rest of our hike with you and taking you to the Hot Springs of Santa Teresa.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard

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