Hot Springs

After taking our moment to relax by the river it was time to trek onward. One girl from our group took off at a very brisk pace to get her workout in so our guide kept up with her, and the rest of us meandered about until we met up with them. We kept a nice relaxing pace so we could take in our surroundings. The smell of fresh water hitting the rocks and the breeze of the trees in the air was magical. All of us helped each other over large boulders and made sure each person did not slip in the wet rocks. It was quite an adventure in many ways leading up to the treat to cross the river. 

As we approached our guide, we got our bearings and faced a wire pulley system. There was a person at the end on the other side of the river sending the swing back to where we were. It was a two person swing, no more, no less. The weight was to be distributed perfectly. What we did not know was how fast we were going to fly across the river. Chris and I managed to get a quick picture of our boots crossing the river to remember the experience. Since he and I were so tall they instructed us to keep our feet raised in the air the entire way. They said this was the only way to ensure we would not break our legs at the end due to all the rocks. Well, raising the legs as high as we could, using our core muscles, and holding hands…we crossed the river on a “swing” pulley system. We both laughed as we landed on the other side since it was a sharp, abrupt stop.

We got out with shaky legs and hands to find another hike ahead to the hot springs. There was a very tall tunnel we had to walk through and it was nice to see the light at the end of it. Luckily, we brought our headlamps so it all worked out. As we neared the sunshine we saw creatures in the distance and were met by some beautiful wild horses. They were dark umber and raw sienna in color and looked completely content around people. Behind them we saw a gravely trail and were told it led right up to the hot springs. The hike to the magical waters was exaggerated and we came upon them quite quickly. After taking photographs of the horses from a safe distance, we walked on through beautiful mountains to take a soak in some lovely natural springs. Next week I will take you into Santa Teresa and write about our ziplining experience. Stay tuned, and have a lovely weekend!

Thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard