Witchy Acres Prints and Originals

The owner of Witchy Acres Farm in South Carolina was kind enough to have each Original Watercolor scanned for Prints!! All 10 paintings are available to purchase as 5” x 7” prints on the website. I also have some bags available with the farm images on them. The series finished with Number 9 and 10. The last two paintings were of the animals on the farm that are special to the owner. The chickens in Number 9 were very challenging to paint.

This painting had many birds involved with various activities in the photograph. I picked and chose a composition to add as many chickens as I could in a 4” x 6” Tiny Painting space. I wanted to show only certain positions due to the title of, “Who Just Clucked?” The painting has no sketch prior to the paint being applied. The main focus point of the hen in the middle was done first and then the chickens in a direct line behind her were completed next. The birds to the right of her and the background hay color was then applied. The bigger chicken to the left came after the floor color and the three ladies in the back were last. This painting took way longer than I had planned and I finished it after 8 hours.

Number 10 ended with his beautiful goat and her long horns. She was just relaxing on the leaves in the middle of the road. The goat was created in an impressionistic style combining the colors of her with the floor covering. If you stand back, the painting becomes more clear and the goat pops forward. She was painted very late at night with a low lit lamp but I am very pleased with how it turned out. I wanted the background trees to appear wispy and light and the shadows to remain in the road. Developing her horns were difficult, as I worked with the negative space, to bring them forward. I hope you all enjoy this series and know how much time was put into each of these Tiny Paintings.

Thank you for reading. Please email me with any questions especially if you would like a larger print of any painting. Anything is possible and I am here to make sure you get what you like. 

I will always try to help in any way I can!

-Karen Hilliard