Climbing Experiences

My watercolor paintings are mostly inspired by climbing, camping, and hiking adventures. Trees and rocks have intricate lines that are molded and shaped by wind, rain, and time. I have always loved climbing and bouldering yet found challenges while trying to complete problems. It is very important to climb with like minded people who have a similar vibe or it can ruin the experience. I had no idea how wonderful climbing truly was until I climbed with encouraging people regularly. Now as I climb, I become filled with joy and see more images in the rocks which I later use for my paintings. 

My dog Mick was the best climbing buddy when it came to bouldering. He would wait at the bottom of a problem or he would meet me at the top if he was able. I thoroughly loved when he came with me and I miss him everyday. My cousin is also a very amazing climber and person who encourages my paintings with her own ideas. She is a joy to rope climb with and keeps everything calm. My husband is wonderful, and supports every aspect of my life. I now have a deeper connection to nature and joy for life that I did not know I was missing.

Today he and I woke up and ran, I went climbing while he was at work, then Spector and I went on a long hike. The dog’s first time coming to the boulder field with me was today and he did fantastic! These people and animals have touched my life in such a wondrous way for which I am forever grateful. I am excited for the new creations of rock formations and trees that will be flowing out of my paintbrush soon. There are so many lovely structures to see on this Earth and I look forward to enjoying them with these amazing people. Happiness sparks the fire of my creativity and enhances the colors of my palette. The next climb, camping trip, kayaking adventure, hiking experience, or travel excursion is going to be stunning and I cannot wait to see what will be created.

Thank you for reading. I hope you all have an awesome person or pet to adventure with. My goal is to encourage others to go outside and see this spectacular world.

-Karen Hilliard