Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments all started with the idea of joy. Each December I am reminded of decorating the tree with my family and how wonderful this time of year is. We have ornaments from every year since we were born and reminisce through the moments of time. My sister loves having ornaments with dates on them to remember the year and this is why I dated the back of each ornament I made this year. I wanted to bring the excitement and happiness I share with my family every year to each of your homes. I decided to paint woodland animals, farm animals, and desert animals as well as desert scenes. 

Raccoons are fun and mischievous as well as scary at times. They are cute but also have that mask for a reason. This animal can tend to be little thieves so I tried to show this in each ornament. The raccoons all appear to be helping decorate the tree but they can also be stealing the ornament off the tree. Perspective is an amazing thing and I love how we all look at the world a little bit differently. I would implore you to look at these like the animals are helping to decorate as this is the season for kindness, sharing, and caring. The bears have come out to climb the trees with their strength and mighty claws to help decorate. The mice are doing their very best for how small a creature they are. Foxes are having fun and some are just laying around trying to stay warm after working tirelessly to make everyone smile.

The Burro is just being cheesy and the Big Horn seems to be more hungry for the Juniper Tree than a help. The Jackrabbit and Deer got into the lights and tangled themselves into a mess. They are trying their best and we have all been there with the lights. Getting those strings untangled can be quite difficult but they will not give up until your homes are bright and cheery this holiday season. The owls are hooting around and flapping through the trees. They are the wisest and have many clever ideas on how to get the job done. Last, we have one burro just walking along in the desert under a beautiful purple night sky. This ornament reminds me most of my mother’s manger scene she has lit every year. This has always calmed me and I put that energy into the burro ornament with subtle lights from the night sky, and a softness on the fur of the creature.

I have a limited selection on the website for people who do not live locally and shipping/packaging is included in the price. The rest will be available at Tivoli Village in Summerlin on December 19th from 10am-4pm. Please contact me for information if you need it. I have really been enjoying creating these treasures. Thank you all for your interest in these. I hope your holidays are blessed and bright. May you all have a magical season.

-Karen Hilliard