Lake Huron & Lake Michigan

Circle Tour Part 10

Swimming together in Lake Michigan was amazing and lasted 10 seconds due to the chilly experience. Through the night we heard wind whistling through the gorgeous tree canopy and the buzzing of mosquitoes outside the tent. There must have been hundreds of them and I was super happy to be inside an enclosed space where they could not suck my blood, little vampires! In the morning, we woke up and packed the tent up. We decided one night there was plenty and we would head to Lake Huron after a dip in Lake Michigan. Our pup got to put his four paws in the lake as well as it was much more calm in the morning. After our quick dip we headed out looking for a breakfast place.

We found North Coast Co in Hessel, Michigan. They have ice cream, coffee, fudge, sweet treats, and craft soda. We got morning cappuccinos and they were delicious. We also enjoyed the oatmeal peanut butter chip cookies. While walking around this beautiful town we also stopped into Pickle Point. A very very nice lady who rides on motorcycles worked there. Chris stayed outside with the dog and talked to a man who was waiting for his wife as well. I bought embroidery yarn and a cream square cloth fabric to stitch on. (Another one of my art outlets, embroidery!) They also had mason jars with leather holders for drinking and I got one for Chris for his tea. We were very excited that we not only got to swim and skip rocks in Lake Huron, but that the town had amazingly nice people.

NibbleLungen had great food, ice cream, and customer service. The name is based on Greek Mythology of trolls stealing gold. We got a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a Chicken Sandwich. Also, a Breakfast Sausage/Egg Sandwich and it tasted like homemade sausage. We shared Caramel Ice Cream and took all the food items by the lake to eat them. It was lovely. The owner of this shop was very nice and the outside tables were awesome. They were in the shade and allowed pets to hang out. Chris loved the sausage so much and asked about it. The owner purchased local sausage from a local butcher shop in Sault Ste. Marie. After this lovely day, what could possibly top it? Pancake Bay had been a dream in Canada and Lake Huron kept our curiosity for more positive experiences on an all time high! Looking forward to sharing more with you all Wednesday. For now, Happy Monday, and thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard

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