Fall in Red Rock

The fall colors have always made me smile with warmth and glee. They remind me of many happy childhood memories. Now as an adult I enjoy a cup of coffee with a dash of pumpkin spice and the smell brings me back to the fall. I can be anywhere, in any season, and the smell of nutmeg makes my heart sing. In a previous post titled “Sketchbook” I started writing about the hiking experience in Red Rock Canyon where we found beautiful fall leaves. They covered the ground like a warm blanket on a cold morning. The different colors made us feel as if we were sitting in front of a fireplace drinking hot chocolate. I tried to emphasize all of the emotions of this in my recent sketchbook painting. 

The contrast of light, dark, cool, and warm colors really drew me into a special world. I loved creating this piece and am still working on it. I remember watching our dog find the perfect spot to lay down among the leaves and take a rest after a long hike. We still had a ways to go so we decided to honor his request and let him take a breather. He ended up cuddling in my lap and inspired me to just sit and listen to the quiet calmness all around me. Animals are so amazing in this way, truly appreciating their surroundings. All my senses were alive so I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment with him. I did not want to think about painting so we just took some photographs before we left the spot.

This sketch is very special to me because it captures the captivation of the moment. The quiet calm. The much needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life back in the city. Red Rock Canyon is a special place for those who want to get away from the fast pace of life. It is nice to even get away from mundane thoughts as the canyon sparks brand new creative ideas. This hike cleans my palette, washes away my brushes, and presents me with a new sheet of blank paper telling me anything is possible. It opens my mind to new opportunities, wondrous images, and relaxing feelings of peace. Getting outside regularly is a must for my family and I. We are very thankful for where we live and our ability to share this world with all of you over the internet. I also added some paintings of the pinecones that covered the ground all around us. Thank you for reading and we hope you have a lovely weekend! 

-Karen Hilliard

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