Exploring the Desert

The desert is all around us and the canyons are in our backyard. We may have to drive a distance to be in their presence but it is always worth it! My advice today is to always carry toilet paper because you never know when you are going to need it. A doggy bag is also a good idea. Pack it in and pack it out is a very important phrase to remember while hiking out in nature. The desert, although seemingly prickly and fierce, is very fragile and it takes years for certain plants to reproduce. Tread lightly, carry water, and be careful in these harsh surroundings. This being said, let me take you on an adventure! Out into the wilderness we go, through the wash, and then who knows…Are you ready?

When our puppy was a wee little one we took him on a mini backpacking trip. We found a lovely water source for him in the spring runoff coming from the mountains. Taking many breaks to rest his puppy legs, I found some wonderful spots to stop and sketch. The flowers were blooming in patches everywhere we looked and gave the desert an artistic vibe. We felt as if we were walking in a painting. Being a visitor of such an amazing place creates a feeling of awe. Red Rock Canyon really made us feel small compared to the giant canyons before us. Our minds drifted to how we are such a small part of this giant rock we live on floating around in space. Earth is really a vast place and this feeling of it was here before us, will be here after us, was truly humbling. I try to always represent this in my work and emphasize the beauty of whichever place I am in. 

The mountains surrounding us were large and comforting. They kept us shielded from the chilly winds and made us feel as if they were hugging us with their warmth. An immense sensation of protection swept over me as I sat there sketching our dog enjoying his drink from the stream. I also took many photographs and completed some paintings upon arriving home. The painting of the dog in the previous post is from this hike as well. These pictures were taken out in the desert on the backside of the Red Rock Canyon Loop. There is a wonderful hiking area where one can see wild burros romping in the desert and playing with their herd. On this day we did not see any large wildlife. We look forward to many more hikes in the future in this amazing spot. Hope to encourage you all to get outside and look at this big beautiful world with a new perspective! Happy Wednesday.

-Karen Hilliard

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This is lovely 💕 inspires me to go on a backpacking trip in the beautiful desert since it’s been so long. Love your paintings of those beautiful desert flowers. Thank you!

So lovely indeed! Great morning read to start the day with a serene mind ☀️ I imagine being there and can smell the desert rocks in my mind, feel the warm air and hear the water in the gentle stream. Thank you for taking us in this journey!

Thank you so much for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I love hearing from others. I like how you described being in the desert and smelling the rocks, feeling the warmth and hearing the stream. You activated my senses with this comment. I will be posting more adventures every Mon, Wed, Fri so stay tuned! Glad you came on this journey with us.

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