“Daisy Way – Meadow”

Somewhere in the heart of England, all the way across the pond from where I live, sits a little girl dreaming about a walk with her mum through a field of daisies. I was asked by a client to create a painting full of daisies and after I finished two commissions for them, I created three larger pieces with a similar composition. Their paintings were unique and part of my Tiny Painting collection. The larger works I chose to paint have a different feel and look about them. I just loved her story so much and wanted to spread the joy around to the world. While envisioning “Daisy Way – Meadow” I was picturing the painting hanging on someone’s wall and wishing to bring light into their home. Wondering how it would be matted and framed, then showcased and displayed. Where in the house would this painting fit and bring the most happiness? I wanted to show, also express, the feel of wonder and kindness. The sunlit corner at the top left has daisies floating off into the distance.

Daisy Way - Meadow | Karen Hilliard Art | Original Watercolor

This one act of floating away enveloped my mind and took me on a whimsical journey of light. I thought about wind and how it just lifts up flowers and plants lightly, in kind ways, and carries them to a new destination. I wondered about where the daisies would land upon finding a new place to reside. The vision came to me when I thought about wishing on dandelions and watching my dreams float in different directions, actually spreading seeds for new wishes for some other passer by. I hope whoever buys a painting from this series feels they can make a wish and I really hope it comes true! If we all believe…anything can happen. Here is “Daisy Way – Meadow” and I wish it brings light into everyone’s life! A sunlit walk among the daisies with a light breeze in the air. Sun kissed faces on a dew drop morning. Wishing you all a peaceful Tuesday and hoping this painting finds a loving home. Thank you all for reading.

-Karen Hilliard

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