Zenning Out in Nature

Some meditate, some write, some think or ponder, I do it all and zen out while in nature. I am one of those people who thrive outside in solitude or with a close friend who can do the same. I have been lucky in life and found someone who zens right along with me. This post also aligns with my previous one on huecos, or holes in rock formations. While on another trail at Valley of Fire, long before our daughter came on the scene, we found this beautiful hueco to zen out in. After a long time of relaxing in the small space, we took some photographs to document this moment in time. We don’t always do this because we also like to just be in the present. The spot was very lovely, however, and we wanted to remember it for future hiking adventures. The hueco can be found in the wash after the Fire Wave Trail. It is recommended to do this trail in cooler months as people have gotten lost on it and ran out of water. We found it most enjoyable in the early morning as the sun rises over the valley. The colors are remarkable!

Have any of you been to Valley of Fire in Nevada? If so, what is your favorite trial or one of your favorites? Another hike we love to relax on is White Domes. This trail is very populated but my husband and I often find gems to hide and relax in. This hike has a lovely slot canyon as well and the sandstone is very picturesque compared to our hike in Owl Canyon at Lake Mead. We loved the color variations and the flow of the canyon at Valley of Fire as it weaves and tuned in wondrous ways. We had our dog on leash for this trail as there is a lot of human foot traffic. The sand is very nice and inviting when the trail starts and a huge workout on the way back. This trail is not only beautiful but a muscular infused heat sensation in the legs! Thank you for reading and happy hiking! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

-Karen Hilliard

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