Watercolor Works

Over the years I have accumulated a well sized body of work. Trees and Rocks fascinate me because of the many images I see in their intricate details. Bringing my imagination alive and sharing it with the world is the definition of happiness. Papa Rock is a painting of a boulder from the Flat Irons in Boulder, Colorado. While out hiking with friends, I walked around a cluster of beautiful trees into a clearing. A boulder filled with yellow lichen stood in front of me with deep colors against the light blue sky. The shape of this formation appeared to look like Papa Smurf. A wonderful show from my childhood that taught kindness, understanding, and sparked imagination. The striations formed in the shape of Papa’s hat and nose. I also saw the Smurf’s kind eyes. The colors of red, pink, and light blues enticed my mind to see the character from my memory. 

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Another cluster of wonderful rocks I saw while hiking was shaped into a pack of wolves by my mind. I set the night sky with a moon to show the pack howling up at the stars and light of the moon. I love how the main rock in the middle of the painting seems to be a wolf standing on a rock singing its song. Wolves are family oriented and communicate in the most beautiful ways. I love how the pack talks to one another and other packs during the night. Some may say it is eerie to hear a wolf howl while out camping, but I like it. I find the howling of wolves and coyotes to be soothing and feel we are all connected when I hear them speak. I am just a visitor while out in nature and the sounds of the forest remind me of this. I hope you enjoy these two paintings of this breathtaking mountain. The colors, contrast, shapes, and forest really spark the imagination. If you ever get a chance to visit Colorado, I recommend hiking near Boulder. The views are amazing! 

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Wolf Pack Howl has been lost throughout my journey of showing in coffee shops. Papa Rock is available for purchase if anyone is interested. Please contact me through my website via email. Click here for the link!

-Karen Hilliard