Hiking and Learning

The last week was a whirlwind of hiking around the desert to get inspired for future works while learning more about business to develop my brand. A combination of inspiration, creativity, and sometimes a business mindset is needed to be successful in the wonderful world of art. I seek and find inspiration outdoors. Going on lovely hikes in the Lake Mead area brought immense joy and newfound ideas for more projects. My husband and I got to travel around with some amazing people this weekend and our dogs had a great time exploring the desert. A tired dog is a good dog! The people had a great time wandering around and finding rocks, a walking stick, and shade to discuss many amazing ideas.

The hiking was a nice distraction from the classes Chris and I were both taking during the week. His classes are for teachers and they are endless. Yes, teachers need to go to school as well to keep their licenses and improve on new methods of teaching. While he was in those classes, I took business classes for my art. I am pleased to say I learned who I am as an artist. Compassion, Value, and Relationships are very important to me. Each client I have worked with stays in my mind and heart. I love knowing where my paintings and prints reside. I am pleased when clients message me months later, or review, not only the painting, but the treatment and care they felt. I want these works of art to inspire others to explore the outside world and find beauty around them. I love sharing experiences and memories.

We were very fortunate to have our cactus bloom this week and the bees were flying in to pollinate. I posted a quick video of this on my TikTok @khilliardart if anyone is interested in seeing it. I did not want to disturb the bee, so if you look close, you can see some movement in the center of the flower. I definitely will be painting these in the future. Every person who comments, likes, or sends private messages, means the world to me. I really appreciate hearing how these works of art impact your life. I have decided to only make 25 prints of each size I offer so the reproductions are limited. Each print will come with a Certificate of Authenticity stating what number it is out of the 25. If you have any questions, please send me a message at khilliardart/contact.

Thank you for connecting!

-Karen Hilliard