The Picasso Museum

I was never really a fan of Picasso. I studied his work in school and did not understand the hype. The style of cubism was unique but did not really intrigue me. I loved realism and detail oriented subjects. While in Barcelona, we had the opportunity to go and tour the Picasso museum. I wasn’t really that excited about it, but I did love seeing all the great painters throughout history. Also, I wanted to see the father of cubism. When we got into his museum, we went to a room with his original drawings and sketches. We also saw some of his original paintings. His portrait work was amazing. I was shocked at how detailed and realistic he could actually paint. Then when I saw his transition into the Cubist style from realism it made way more sense in my brain. I felt truly happy that I got the experience to see Picasso through the ages.

His blue. Always fascinated me how he can use one tone one color to create so many times one hue to create so many tones. I want to try and use this in my own work in the future. Seeing his mural size paintings of conflict that was going on in Spain at the time was a true treasure to see. I am super happy that I went to see his museum while in Barcelona, and glad I did not miss out on the opportunity because of my previous feelings about his work. I learned a lot about Picasso in one day, actually, in fact, I learned more about Picasso in one day, than I did in a semester of art history. I love growing up and constantly growing forward and learning new things. I love meeting new people, having new experiences, and enjoying life to the fullest, and I hope that I learn consistently forever.

The next person I really wanted to see was someone I truly admired, Antoni Gaudi. His work and architecture is something I look forward to and dreamed about. I’m going to Park Güell and finding its location was an interesting story that I will share in my blog for Wednesday. I might actually write that log Thursday since I did this one on Tuesday. The holidays kind of got everything fuddled up with posting the blogs. I tried to have them completed prior to visiting family but I did not get them finished in time. Speaking of family and holidays, what were your holiday plans? For now I will leave you with a picture from Park Güell and dreams about the story coming Thursday. Thank you for reading and happy Tuesday! Also, Happy New Year!!

-Karen Hilliard

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