Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Circle Tour Part 11

Great food, great ice cream, great service, and a dip in Lake Huron! We were able to scratch this one off of our bucket list. The dog was not allowed down by the water so I watched him when Chris went in and swam and then we switched. After we both took our time in the lake, we went to a parking lot near the marina. We wanted to skip rocks and make sure we did not hit anyone. The place we swam at had a beach with a lot of people. So we drove to the marina area and our dog sat and watched us as we skipped rocks. Chris had the best distance and the most skips. I was just happy we caught these moments on video. I love the picture of us with Lake Huron in the background.

We decided to drive to Tahquamenon Falls (sounds like phenomenon), and stay the night at the Rivermouth Campground. We played cards all night and enjoyed our spot by the river very much. There were no mosquitos at the campground and we lit a nice fire. We decided to go for a walk, as there was forest all around us and an awesome walking path. Little did we know that we would be chased by a horde of mosquitoes back to camp. This is why we lit the fire, but realized the bugs did not follow us all the way back. We enjoyed some beer we bought called Blueberry Maple Stout from Saugatuck Brewing Co. We found it at the store before the campground. This place is right off of highway 123 North, Michigan Byway. It was a great campground and we highly recommend it. Super chill and we did our morning runs underneath a canopy of trees along the Tahquamenon River. 

We stopped in the town of Paradise, MI on our way to the falls the next day. This was a really nice small town with friendly people. We had a quick bite to eat and some coffee, then bought a blanket and towel with the name Paradise on them. When we got to the falls we decided to go to the lower and upper falls. Chris carried the dog down the staircase to the viewing area. When we were finished with this lovely walk around the state park, we wanted to find the visitors center. There was a brewery and a visitors center. This place was amazing! People can kayak and canoe here too. Here is the link for Tahquamenon Falls State Park. I hope some of you, or all of you, get the opportunity to see this place someday. Gorgeous! Also, try and check out the town of Paradise. Thank you for reading and Happy Wednesday!

-Karen Hilliard