My Bag’s Perspective

Where are we? I don’t know. It is cold, and dark, and everything smells funny. I am so thankful to have my best friend here with me because I would be completely lost without them. The only thing missing is my person and all I keep thinking is, “where is she?” I have traveled to so many wonderful places with her and I hope after all this time she has not discarded me. The last thing I heard her say was that she was putting me on a belt and sending me to the baggage part of the plane she was boarding. I am so grateful my best friend was out on the same belt and loaded into the same plane. I thought we were going to Barcelona but just found out we did not make it. I wonder where our people are and if they are looking for us as we sit here, cold and confused. I just heard someone on the radio say we are in Madrid!! Oh no, is she in Madrid or did she go to Barcelona?! Are we lost???

All of a sudden I was picked up and thrown into the air thankfully landing on a cart with wheels. Wait, what about my friend, I thought as a huge object landed on me. Ah, it is okay…it is just my friend and fellow backpack mate. See these two cousins went on this trip to Barcelona together so I guess me and my best friend are cousins too? We travel together all the time but this is the first time we have been misplaced, discarded, terrified of admitting we may just be lost! I hope they are looking for us. Oh no! What if they don’t find us and we never see them again. What if we end up in a landfill? Okay, we cannot start the “What if” thoughts. That never makes anyone feel better. Time to calm the anxiety and just hope for the best. I wonder where this wheeled mobile and driver are taking us. Like I said, have to hope for the best.

It is getting colder and the sounds are getting louder. I hear the people scurrying and planes rolling out on runways like before. Ahh, I am flying through the air again. What is happening?! Ouch!!! I landed on something sharp and ouch, again, my best friend just hit me in my front pouch pocket! Well, at least we are together. I wonder if we will ever see our people ever again. I hope we will. I hear the door closing so we must be on the plane now. Yes, there is the sound of the engine. There are the stewards talking. Okay, here we go into the unknown hoping for the best. At least we are on a plane so this may work out. Always hoping for everything to work out just like our people would in any situation. We have been flying a long time but I guess it was shorter and my anxiety made it feel longer because the landing gear just got released. Few, nice landing and safe. Here we go, rolling out in the tarmack, wind on our canvas, heading into another loud airport. Where are we? Something is being said in another language, I think it is Spanish but it sounds different. Oh no! Where are we?? Suddenly we hear it, “Thank you, Gracias, thank you so much! Our bags!!” Oh our people!!!! Reunited and it feels so nice.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Wednesday!

-Karen Hilliard

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