Red Rock Canyon

The Southwest is filled with marvels from Sandstone and Limestone rock formations to the various vegetation surrounding them. The animals alone are hearty and spectacular. I decided for my first blog on the beautiful landscape should be about my own backyard, Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead Recreation Area. This one will focus solely on Red Rock Canyon here in Las Vegas. The canyon is just outside Summerlin, which is a community here in Las Vegas. Summerlin is a lovely place filled with sandstone topography, and aesthetically pleasing stone walls around the businesses. You can find coffee shops, donut shops, pizzerias on your way out to red rock, or on your way back from the canyon if you are interested in a meal or a snack, after a long hike, or climbing session. There’s also horseback riding near the canyon past the 13 mile loop. Red rock Canyon has a lot to offer for families as well as experienced adventure enthusiasts. The 13 mile loop in itself has many pull outs with different names such as Pine Creek Canyon, Icebox Canyon, Calico Basin, Sandstone Quarry, and more. This has always been Las Vegas to me. Whenever I have friends visit, I try and take them out into nature rather than go to the strip to see the lights. I would rather take people out to the street sunshine and the vast desert surrounding all of Las Vegas.

Personally, I’ve only ever seen a coyote and some road runners inside the loop. I think we did calico basin pull out one and pull out two for several years. I loved running up and down the trail because the topography was nice and hilly. It was a very good workout. This is also where I first started climbing on rope on the panty wall and calico basin. It’s a great start for new or inexperienced climbers. Another activity people like to do in the loop is bike riding and then they often meet at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Summerlin at the end of the ride. I have yet to ride my bike around the 13 mile loop or to run around the entire thing. Have any of you been to red rock canyon and done any of these activities? I started going hiking just outside the loop and I absolutely love the freedom of it. Also, there are a limited number of people. Outside the loop I’ve seen Burroughs, bighorn, sheep, tarantulas, tarantula wasps, and much much more. The flowers and cacti are breathtaking. I am very excited to start taking you on walks out in this beloved desert ecosystem. 

Thank you for reading and have a Marvelous Monday!

-Karen Hilliard

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