Putting Art on Products

Bags, stickers, greeting cards, and more! It brings me such joy to see my paintings on products that bring others happiness. Having customers hang an original or a print on the wall is an amazing experience for me. I love hearing what people see in my artwork, or how it spoke to them, and made them feel an emotion. It is a blessing to be able to reproduce certain paintings onto greeting cards so others can share memories with their families and friends. I pick and choose the images for cards very carefully and try to use part of a painting and not all of it, so the original still holds it’s special appeal.

Along with greeting cards, I recently have made stickers from my acrylic farm paintings and cactus flowers from “Persistence.” Seeing one of my stickers on someone’s water bottle or any other gear brings me such excitement. Emails, text messages, and direct messages on social media platforms are very interesting to read what people would like to purchase products of. Another item I revisited from long ago is placing my paintings on Canvas Tote Bags.

Large canvas bags are very fun to take with me everywhere I go. I never know what I am going to need to carry. Coming from my background as an art student at San Francisco State, I had to walk a very long way to class from wherever I found parking. Having a bag in my trunk that I could fill with any item from sketchbook to paint materials was very handy! The hope for these bags is to bring the buyer functionality and enjoyment. A lot of thought goes into every item and painting I choose to have produced. All photographs of the images are taken by myself, produced by myself on the computer, and take several hours to get perfect for their new home!

I love putting so much time and thought into these products that may be a beautiful gift for someone’s special people in their lives. Making meaningful art is a treasured gift that I am thankful for everyday. Getting to place meaningful art onto an item that will become sentimental for others is simply lovely. Thank you for having my artwork become a piece of your life, a treasured memory, or something you share with a loved one. These moments, interactions, and stories you share, mean so much to me.

-Karen Hilliard