Persistence and Entering Shows

I decided to take a break on the Sunflower Painting Series for a few days while I ran around completing errands. “Persistence” the newest large piece I finished got accepted into the Nevada Watercolor Society Fall Show. Luckily I had just received “I See a Horse” back from its debut in the Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition. This was fortunate because the paintings are both 15” x 20” and I was able to have them changed out and use the same frame for the upcoming show to save money. The blog is titled “Persistence and Entering Shows” because it takes persistence, dedication, and patience when showing part of yourself through your paintings to be judged by others. 

These shows have many people who submit their work and that alone is an intense feeling. I found years ago to enter, then try to not think about the outcome, and just be excited if I got in. After the judging is narrowed down and they decide how the show will flow together, then they send the winners an email. The people who do not get in receive a different email saying “Unfortunately…We regret to inform you…” and this can be hard to read. I wanted to write this blog to say to keep trying. It is okay to not be accepted because that means another show, person, gallery, etc. is just waiting to see your work. 

For example, I had entered “Moon Wizard” into a show and it was rejected, then a year later I entered the same painting into the Green Mountain Watercolor Exhibition, and it was accepted. “Rooster in the Wood” has been in 2 shows and just got rejected from the Vermont Watercolor Society’s Fall Show, while another one of my pieces was accepted. The people viewing the work have to decide how the show will flow as an entire entity, altogether, as one. Keep believing in yourself and take the wins when you get them. When I was in school we had a guest speaker who came with a very thick binder. Half of the binder filled with her rejection letters and the other half her acceptance letters. This stuck with me and sticks with me today. I started a binder of my own and it helps me to remember to keep pushing forward. There will always be both rejections and acceptances.

Rooster in the Wood|Watercolor Prints|Karen Hilliard Art

I am grateful that my current painting was accepted and look forward to the show. Thank you for all of the support that I have been reading on Facebook and Instagram about the newest work of art. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to write comments and like/love my posts. I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me via my Contact page

-Karen Hilliard