Night Camping

Circle Tour Part 2

We just needed a place to stop for the night, as we left the farmstead a little later than planned. This is us though, we don’t really plan, for this exact reason. As we drove through the forests of Wisconsin, we luckily came across a recreation area along the lakeshore. All I could think was, “Hello Mosquitos,” and what an introduction to humid summer nights this was. I got eaten alive and Chris was fine, of course. This was a wonderful little spot near a marina and had an awesome staircase down to a quiet beach. The dog, Chris, and I loved walking along the sand in the early morning light. My husband carried our dog down and back up the stairs since he was feeling a little tired. We also walked along the boat docks and happened upon some interesting looking spiders. If anyone knows the species, please leave it in the comments below.

I just tried to find the location of where we camped but alas, I could not. I will continue to write about this trip in the next few weeks of blogs. Here is a link to camping along Lake Superior for the Circle Tour. Click here for campsite information. Chris and I just went with the flow of the day and did not really plan out where to sleep. Sometimes it was in a tent and others in the car. Here are some photographs of the spot we stopped at first since I cannot remember the name. The night we rolled into this recreation area there were no campgrounds. We popped our tent up in front of the car and slept about three to four hours, then we broke everything down at dawn and packed up the car before heading to the beach. 

Watching Chris carry our pup down the stairs made me melt. I love how considerate he is for all creatures on this walk of life. He went barefoot all the way to the beach and I followed suit. The sand was nice and cool with tiny pebbles throughout. The water was still and calm which was perfect for skipping stones. Chris is very good at this! I love watching them and counting how many times they jump. Our dog was very curious as well since frisbee was his favorite sport, in his younger years. It was fun seeing his head bob up and down with the movement of the rocks. I skipped some as well and almost beat my husband in number of skips but not in distance. I hope you enjoyed this little walk down to Lake Superior which starts our journey of the next several blogs until we get to Canada! Have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard

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