Breweries, Turtles, and Waterfalls

Circle Tour Part 3

After leaving Sandy Bay Recreational Area, we traveled on to Minnesota. We went through Duluth which is a nice city along the waterfront. We stopped at some cute shops and had some coffee along the way. Driving through Minnesota is very beautiful and anytime we stopped to stretch our legs the people were very nice. I think the people were my favorite part about the state. One of our favorite stops was at Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen. Click on the name of their store for more information about them. We chose the chocolate turtles and they sustained us the entire trip. Such a fortunate choice on our part because driving through Canada was more remote than we thought it would be and there were few places to stop for food. These turtles from Minnesota were enjoyed as a ration of one every morning. Super thankful for this Candy store and it’s kind people who helped us make the decision. They have so many good choices and we were grateful for the customer service.

Speaking of great service, we also traveled onward to Voyager Brewery in Grand Marais, MN. They had wonderful beer on tap with awesome tap pulls with river rocks. The artwork on the walls were from local artists who created beautiful depictions of the lake. Voyager had outside seating so our dog could relax on their awesome deck with the other pups that decided to come that day. It was overall a very relaxing experience. The bathrooms were wonderful and the inside of the brewery was huge and the shop had some nice memorabilia. The people were wonderfully kind and helpful if anyone needs that while making decisions. I think we got a flight of beer as they were little and we were driving. This was a nice way for us to taste the choices too since we wanted to buy a growler of beer for our entire trip. It is really nice to have craft beer at the end of the day, at the campsite, especially by the lake.

Karen Hilliard Art Blog | Waterfalls

Another natural wonder we were on the hunt for was waterfalls. There are 89 waterfalls on the Circle Tour around Lake Superior. We did not see them all and plan to go back as many times as it takes to witness their beauty. For now, I will leave the blog here and write about the waterfalls in the next one, as we saw a lot! We also got to view some amazing lighthouses. There is so much to share with all of you! Also, if any of you noticed the first sentence of this blog, I found my travel notebook!! The recreation area that started us off on our camping adventure was called Sandy Beach Recreational Area. The spiders may be Striped Fishing Spiders from what we looked up since the last blog.

Have a wonderful Friday and a safe happy weekend!

-Karen Hilliard