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Stella’s  Bug Eye View was painted from a photograph taken at Zion National Park in Utah. I saw giant bug eyes bulging out underneath a rock. The tree had an amazing root system that twisted and turned around itself. The creature formed in my mind as a giant ant. I had flashbacks of the movie, “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” I remember loving the scene of the ant helping them get back to their house. I cried when this wonderful creature met its end in the movie. This painting brought it back to life for me and keeps the happy helper living on forever. I love being blessed with the gift to look at the world in different ways and see images of joy everywhere I go.

Stella’s Bug Eye View • Watercolor Nature • Karen Hilliard Art

Frommer’s Whale was painted from a picture taken in Moab, Utah. I was on a climbing trip underneath a very hot sun. A giant boulder created amazing shade. I decided to take a rest, and when I looked up I saw a whale in the sandstone. The animal looked as if it was breaching out of the water onto an ice sheet or the beach. The whale looked calming and sweet and I felt the midst of the ocean breeze on my face for just a moment. I closed my eyes and the red sand between my toes became golden, then wet. Dreams of California flooded my memories and the heat of the desert began to disappear. This was an amazing experience. I love how pictures, paintings, and images can create such wonderful memories. I decided to take this rock formation and turn it into a different type of art. A painting that could hang in other people’s homes forever.

Frommer’s Whale • Watercolor Print• Watercolor Portraits • Karen Hilliard Art

I hope you enjoy these two new prints. They are both on Watercolor Paper to show the texture of the originals. Each print is made using Giclée processing. Giclée printing is not the same as standard desktop inkjet printers. Instead this printing process uses archival inks which can last up to 25 years when kept out of the sunlight. Giclée printing does not use screen or other mechanical devices, so there is no visible dot screen pattern. The image retains all the tonalities and hues of the original painting to bring joy into everyone’s home!

Let Your Light Shine • Watercolor Original • Watercolor Portraits • Karen Hilliard Art

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-Karen Hilliard