Finding Treasures

A sunny day compared to an overcast one changes the colors my eye perceives. Photographs taken under a grey sky illuminates the light areas by sharpening the dark shadows on subjects. Rocks, trees, and people come to life with so much depth and detail. This is my favorite time to take pictures and find treasures. The cool breeze that accompanies a “gloomy” day is also a favorite of mine. I think the word gloom is how others would describe these days. Most people like to cuddle up under blankets and sip tea or coffee while reading a good book. Watching movies with a fire going is also nice. I am one to enjoy all of these things as well, especially after going outside. There is something about nature. It calls me to witness her in all her glory on any day…sunny or gloomy. I abide by the wishes of Mother Earth along with the voice inside my head saying “go outside!” Do any of you have an internal monologue or a hidden whisper motivating you?

The whisper in my mind also sounds like the whisper in the wind or through the trees as the leaves rustle about. Everything flows outside and works off the other. Rocks are carved by wind, rain, any flowing water source. Trees are sculpted as the grow by the same circumstances. I am fascinated by trees, shrubs, and bushes that grow out of tiny cracks with the most limited water source imaginable. This is one of the treasures I love finding while outside. Another is a raven or a family of ravens dancing in the wind. On really high wind days we find them caught in still motion in the wind pockets. We also love to hear the calls of birds and feel the texture of trees. The Juniper is a lovely treasure for us to find as well with their beautiful cones, otherwise known as berries. Our greatest find in the desert is any water source. We love flowing rivers in the once dry wash. Our dog gets the rare treat of drinking fresh mountain water or rainwater. We watch out for spadefoot toads, so as to not hinder their ecosystem, before we let our dog drink. What treasures have you found outside?

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

-Karen Hilliard 

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