Process and Motivation…

One of the many sketches before the final painting. Some people ask me about the prices of my paintings. My prices are set based on time spent. When you purchase one of my paintings you get to go on the journey of their creation: the thought process, the hike, the photograph, the sketches, then the final product all encompassing everything prior. The painting alone takes several hours to complete.

I think about comments I read on Artists who have passed and how no one appreciated them while they were alive. Now their paintings sell for millions of dollars and cities have art immersions made with their paintings. 

I feel truly blessed for the people who appreciate my work while I am alive. Who understand that art is the whole process and connection to the artist and subject. 

Anytime an artist gets discouraged I remind them that people can purchase a print of their work, a sticker, or anything to support them if they wanted to. I remind the artist and myself that a night out in Vegas, or anywhere, is sometimes more than my artwork costs. Also, my paintings can be enjoyed for many years. The one night out may not even be remembered. I take comfort in this thought and continue to pursue my dreams.

I hope this helps any artist friend I have out there. Keep pushing forward. Keep believing in yourself! You got this!

-Karen Hilliard


Stickers are a wonderful way to display and show artwork. I love going to National Parks and buying a sticker from the area to remember our experience there. The thickness and quality of the stickers are worth the price! My husband and I place them on our water bottles and outdoor gear. I wanted to make stickers of the same quality with UV and water protection. Often, I find myself outside banging my water bottle around on the rocks. I chose to make stickers with my artwork on them at the highest quality so they will be durable for outdoor activities.

The three sunflower and bee stickers are taken from the original watercolor painting “Let Your Light Shine.” I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the meaning behind this painting. This work of art was created to inspire hope and happiness in others. The person in the portrait shines light wherever she goes and all the people she meets are always left with a smile on their face. The bees represent new life and the sunflowers are meant for new growth. I love making stickers out of my flower paintings.

The next set of stickers are the 4 different views of cactus flowers from the painting “Persistence.”  I love the hues in these stickers from the pinks, greens, to the subtle yellow ochres. Spring is in the air when I look at these stickers.  I love that they sell as a set of 4 on ETSY and can be a gift for oneself or others. 

The animal stickers are a longtime favorite. The sweet cow with his curious face, the chicken with her wonderful plumage, the pigs with their expressions and happy nature, were wonderful to turn into stickers. I hope adults and children can enjoy the many forms of my artwork because I love having different ways to share my art with the world. Stickers have always been a special keepsake of mine and I am happy to display my artwork in this way for others to enjoy. Please contact me with any questions at

-Karen Hilliard