Art Event

I would first like to say thank you to everyone who came out to Tivoli Village yesterday and braved the chilly wind. It was cold and my booth was in the shade almost the entire day. People were so kind and stopped to talk to us even though we all know that when you stop moving in the cold, you get colder. As we watched people swaying back and forth and chattering their teeth, my husband and I were just grateful that everyone took the time to care, ask questions, and show support to our booth. It truly was a magical day all around and lovely to see so many amazing people buying gifts for their loved ones at Christmas time.


As far as my artwork goes, it was a success!! Many ornaments are off to their new homes this holiday season and I hope they are spreading joy wherever they end up. The happiness on people’s faces was an amazing experience. I loved how these little creature ornaments sparked so many memories for customers and I enjoyed listening to their stories about why they picked the animals they did. I had two different people buy raccoon ornaments for the same reason. They both knew someone who was having a raccoon steal the food they left out for their cats. Two different parts of the world, and the people did not even know each other existed, but the ornaments were bought for the same reason! I love how connected we all are.

My new pillow products sold and brought up many conversations as well. The water bottles were enjoyed by many and everyone loved the sunflower with the bee. I had some more options of single Greeting Cards that people enjoyed and the magnets did well as usual. I will have those up on the website shortly as I have been busy on the ornaments. One of the Witchy Acres Series 1 Tiny Paintings sold and 10% of the profit goes back to the farm! The owner is super grateful for your support and he enjoys bringing happiness into your homes. He loves what he does on the South Carolina homestead!

I also received a lot of inquiries about painting people’s pets. The answer is YES!! I love painting pet portraits. Please contact me if you are interested after the 1st of January. I am going to be spending quality time with family and dear friends. I may post about my art, or I may not, we shall see if I have any time to spare over the next 2 weeks. I will be focusing on enjoying every moment with loved ones! I will keep my blog writing up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over the next 14 days though. I love writing to you all and appreciate everyone’s support. Thank you! Have a safe and happy holiday season!

-Karen Hilliard