Arch Rock and Tiny Paintings

Today I picked up a framed print of Arch Rock and dropped it off at Dam Roast House in Boulder City, NV. This sweet coffee shop and bookstore hung up one of my larger prints and has a basket filled with my 5×7 prints by the door. I am very excited for this opportunity and for people to view my artwork while they are having a cup of coffee and conversing with their friends. I am also pleased with the selection of 5×7 prints displayed at the store as well. I chose the large print of Arch Rock to hang in the shop because it is a rock formation from Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

Arch Rock | Original Watercolor | Karen Hilliard Art | Nature

This Nevada State Park is 45 minutes from Las Vegas and many people who live in the area like to visit this wonderful park. Valley of Fire is filled with sandstone rock formations ranging in color from red to white. Arch Rock is on the park’s map as a stopping point and has a little hike around the arch. It is a great place to take pictures and explore. In the heat of the day, the top of the arch is white washed by the sun and the bottom is shaded which brings out it’s marvelous variations of orange color. I tried to emphasize these color changes in the painting while creating soft clouds in the background of the Arch.

When I was finished dropping this print off at the coffee shop, I drove home, and had to relax for several hours. Then, I started working on the Tiny Painting Series from Witchy Acres Farm. Number 7 in the series will be a painting of mushrooms growing from the logs shown in the Number 2 painting with the cat. The mushrooms are growing at the base of the log with pine needles at the bottom. The mushrooms are being shaded with Burnt Umber and Windsor Blue and will be highlighted with Cerulean to produce a light blue effect. I am excited to finish this painting and will post it in my next blog. It was an interesting day for my creativity because I had to shift my mind from the sandstone of the desert to the damp forest floor of South Carolina. A very fun day indeed. Thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard