A Special Day of Love

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!! I hope you are all surrounded by love. Whether this love is felt from loved ones, self-love, pet love, always remembering all love, any kind of love, is a blessing. I remember always being skeptical of this holiday and thinking it was a way to market for consumerism. Then, over the years and through my love for chocolate, I also softened into my creamy center. I do still love to celebrate this day every single day of the year. I find it deeply important to tell the people in my life I love them on a regular basis, often finding an uncomfortable level in others. I hope one day the world gets to a point of spreading love and it filling us all up with kindness. Until this happens, it is nice to see all acts of love and kindness as magical moments. Also, this  is as good a time as any to announce that I am now a mom! As this new role blankets me in all it’s warmth and coziness; I find a new love of holiday spirit.

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes that are full of wonder is truly remarkable. I thought I knew love before. Love for my dog who passed away was intense and a bond I never had prior. Love for my family and unconditional ties. A niece being born on this day, giving me my first Valentine celebration years ago. Love for amazing friends who become family. Love for my husband who I waited a long time to meet, all the while knowing in my heart we would find each other one day. Love for our new puppy, now dog, who is spunky and playful. Currently, the motherly love. Well, there are no words to describe this one. Let’s simply say, my whole world has changed and gotten brighter, bigger, and just more! So on this day, I wish all of you love. Especially skeptical and cynical minds because I understand that place in time. Hope you enjoy this day and take time for yourself to know how special all of you are to even exist on this planet. St. Valentine sent letters of love so this is my letter to all of you. Everyone matters, everyone is special, and you are all loved. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

-Karen Hilliard

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