What Inspires You?

I get inspired by multiple objects and subjects. One of my most interesting inspirations comes from hiking, camping, or climbing adventures. Another way I find inspiration throughout the day is reading comments from people who are interested in my artwork. This not only inspires me, but motivates me. Thank you for your continued support of my work, reading these blogs, and taking an interest in my art as I move forward into new creations.

Lately, I have been intrigued by early morning hikes in the desert. I love the way the light catches the rock formations and casts various shadows creating many images in my mind. Desert washes are fascinating because they are always changing with foot traffic, rain, wind, or any other natural element. The rock beds in the desert have cool and warm tones. My husband and I love wandering around and inspecting the type of rocks we come across. Sandstone and limestone are prevalent in the desert surrounding us. We often get excited when we find iron or gypsum lying around as well. These colors are challenging to try to capture with a camera, a quick watercolor sketch, and then finally a painting. I love the lines and striations in the wash and surrounding sandstone cliffs.

The reason I love the early morning is also because of the skies. Each day, every hike, the sky wakes up in a different way. I love trying to capture the rays of sunlight through the clouds and the fast changing pigments developing overhead. Our pictures rarely end up showing the glorious views we get to see. This is why I love painting so much. Art increases imagination and I use this in order to try and paint the feelings or emotions I had while witnessing such a breathtaking wonder. The color palette we see with our eyes as we look upon the sky is vastly different from the spectrum of colors captured by film. I hope your day brings you much inspiration and you are able to express it in an artistic way. Thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard