Tiny Details

My favorite part about my works of art are the tiny details created. I have always been fascinated by meticulous and intricate nuances in life. Nature is an amazing outlet for me where I can take in a deep breath and attain perspective with new ideas. Painting larger works of watercolor with a size 0 paint brush down to a size 000 seems unheard of. These brushes are used to add finishing details or fine tuned touch ups with highlighted layers. I enjoy painting the entire painting with these brushes. Yes, it takes a very long time from start to finish, however, this is the joy I want to share with the world. The time and care in each and every one of my paintings. Here are a few pictures of images from the tiny details in my larger painting “Tree Wizard.” This painting is still a work in progress and I am loving every minute of it!

In these two images of the painting I see many different creatures. The section on the left seems to look like the eye and beak of a crane. A beautiful bird staring out from the paper. On the right, I see the start of an elephant. The subtle eye is closed and peaceful almost as if it is sleeping. Some people have messaged me with images they have seen, such as swans, frogs, and more! Please feel free to send me a message, email, or text with anything you happen to see in my work. You can contact me at https://khilliardart.com/contact/

The image on the left shows many details. This is where I see a variety of faces, fairies, nymphs, etc. Little mystical creatures of the forest, and these ideas spark my childlike wonder of the world. I remember all the fairy tales my mother read to me, and all the Disney movies I watched as a child, in these tiny moments when I look at my paintings. As I paint, the intention to create characters is not even thought of. The images and creations come after the painting has sat for a few days and then I see characters in the lines or details. I like that I can look at my paintings year after year and see new images constantly. I hope they bring everyone as much joy as they bring me, along with many happy memories.

-Karen Hilliard