Spring Greeting Card Set

I am happy to announce my new set of Greeting Cards for the Spring Season! I wanted to make sure I had these ready for Mother’s Day. I chose flowers, portraits to resemble Mother Earth, and my painting titled for my own mom. The portraits chosen were Gentle Breeze and Let Your Light Shine. These two friends of mine have radiating personalities. Both are working with holistic forms of healing to benefit women and all people they impact. These two lovely ladies remind me of Mother Nature and the rebirth springtime creates. These cards measure 5” x 7” so you or the person you give them to can also frame some in a standard 5” x 7” frame or matted and placed into an 8” x 10” frame.

Persistence was chosen because we like to give our mother’s flowers on their special day in May. I love how bright and cheerful this painting is and the title is fitting for all Mothers. Patience, love, and understanding is needed in raising children. I feel almost all mothers exemplify the meaning of persistence. The Bee’s Knees was chosen for the feeling of spring and regrowth. Starting over and helping life bloom is the nature of the bee as well as the nature of parents for their children. I wanted this card set to encompass all aspects of Motherhood. The last painting I chose is very special to me.

My Mother’s Robin was titled for my mom. When I was little I stayed home sick from school. One morning, I looked out our large window and saw several different birds landing on our lawn. I asked my mother what type of birds they were and she explained. Then, she asked me what one I liked and I pointed at a blue jay. I asked her what her favorite one was and she said the robin, then she explained how to identify them by their orange bellies. This painting is titled after my mother’s favorite bird because I saw a robin in the sandstone as I was hiking. Valley of Fire in Nevada has many beautiful rock formations. I am grateful to have found this image on Mouse’s Tank Trail.

I hope you or your loved ones enjoy these cards for many days! Thank you for Reading!

-Karen Hilliard