Dolphin Smiles

Vedauwoo near Laramie, Wyoming, is an amazing climbing area. The picturesque rocks are vivid shades of pink, blue, yellow, and orange. Set in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest are fantastic rock formations. The composition of rough granite is wondrous to climb as well as look upon. The camping areas are calm and secluded with pets allowed. While at the campground, I came across a beautiful tree. In the trunk I saw a dolphin breaching out of the ocean. It’s bottlenose cresting above the water and pure enjoyment on its face. The texture of the tree reminded me of the movement in the water as the waves break. I tried to show the feeling of the bubbles and the seaweed in the background. Vedauwoo is a magical place and I hope you all can go and see it one day, especially if you love to climb.

Dolphin Smiles | Original | Karen Hilliard Art | Watercolor

I got to enjoy the campground with my red heeler at my side. He was tired so I waited back at the grounds with him while my friends climbed. I leaned up against a rock to do a preliminary sketch of the tree and a giant buck came out of the woods. His antlers were massive and he came right up to my sketchbook. I was hoping my dog would keep sleeping but he did not. The mighty deer lowered his head in curiosity and my dog was super worried about me so he chased the beautiful creature away. I will always remember the calm moment before the storm. I would not trade my time with my best friend for anything but I do wish we all could have sat there in harmony a while longer. It was a magical place to visit with glorious experiences shared. 

I hope you enjoy “Dolphin Smiles” as much as I did creating it. I would love to hear about if you see the dolphin or if you see any other images in the textures created. You can reach me through my contact page on the website, or click on the word “contact” for the link. Thank you for reading!

-Karen Hilliard