Commissioned Portraits

Drawing memories for others and trying to capture a moment in time is an amazing experience. When I take commissions I always remember the photographs people choose are very important to them. Sometimes clients will give me 1-5 photographs to choose from and I try to use aspects of each photo to get the feeling of the subject. In each drawing I emphasize expressions, emotions, and the person’s requests for particulars. Drawing children has always been a favorite of mine because of their joy and laughter. Another preferred subject are pets due to their endless devotion, love, and compassion for their families. Everytime I am chosen to create these memories in a different form, I challenge myself to make the drawing unique. Separate from the photograph as its own beautiful art form. 

This portrait was especially fun for me because of the composition from the photograph. The children were already in a position of an embrace and brother sister bond was being displayed. I tried to capture the light and dark contrasts from a very subtle color spectrum. The gray scale on this pencil drawing was limited and yet lovely. I wanted to emphasize the idea of conversation, a game they may have been playing, or simply the joyous sounds that may have emitted in the room they shared. I wanted their parents to feel the lightness of the moment every time they looked upon this creation. Lastly, I focus on the client asking for the commission and their taste. I try to produce an experience in each piece of art I create. Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend!

-Karen Hilliard